28 December, 2023
6 November, 2023
48" x 48" x 36"

Cuba has forever been a vibrant playground, a tapestry of memories woven with yelling, laughter, drinks, and cigars—a place where the timeless game of dominos became a conduit for shared joy with friends and family. As I embarked on creating this piece, my goal was to infuse it with a nostalgic essence, prompting reflection on the cherished moments that have brought me immense happiness.

Delving deeper, I sought to encapsulate a specific moment in Cuba’s history, transporting the observer to an era when the lively echoes of domino games resonated through the streets. This piece serves as a poignant snapshot, freezing a time when the game of domino, much like the nation itself, began with optimism but found itself unexpectedly locked in stasis.

The year 1959 marks a pivotal juncture, as Fidel assumed power, prompting a wave of departures from Cuba with the hopeful anticipation of returning one day. However, for many, that return never materialized. In the intricate design of my piece, I intended to mirror the fate of both the game and the country—Cuba se Tranco, the game and the nation becoming intricately intertwined in a state of stagnation.

Crafted with meticulous detail, I offer two viewing options for this piece—one dynamic, portraying the initiation of the game with the starting double 9, and the other fixed, depicting the locked state with 5/9. The deliberate choice of bronze as the medium serves as a symbolic gesture, conveying the weight and gravity of the lives left behind by those who departed, leaving behind dreams of returning to their beloved homeland. This sculpture not only immortalizes a game frozen in time but also pays homage to the enduring spirits of those whose journeys were interrupted by the unyielding forces of history.