12 October, 2018
28 June, 2018
12" X 36"

12” x 36” The Sardine ( oil on canvas / small pueblos and lighthouses along the way ) : Latest work inspired by my walk from
Portugal to Spain: In the 13th century, St Anthony – the patron saint of Lisbon – left to Italy to preach his gospels. Unfortunately for him, only the sardines would listen.  While the people of Rimini, Italy ignored him as he spoke along the shoreline, it is said that the sea was filled with millions of sardines, heads above the water, listening to his every word. Now-a-days the sardine is a symbol of love as well. St Anthony also doubled as the matchmaker saint with boys and girls going crazy to invoke the saints help. A single person may hold water in their mouths for hours on end, waiting for the name of their love to be spoken. They may write the name of their crush only to put it in a bowl of water and hope St Anthony works his magic. Or, if all else fails, they’ll take the idol of St Anthony and place it upside down in the garden until he find them a true Love. While both symbols developed from religious stories, today they both present symbols of good luck in life, love and fortune.